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Every reparTEE is a micro-story gives you a glimpse into the inner life of someone who feels vulnerable and is searching for a way to make sense of life.

Every reparTEE is a micro-story that personifies some essential aspect of what it means to be human in these times. You will embrace some and reject others.

Every reparTEE is a micro-story with a plot already in motion, moved forward by an individual who is in the middle of figuring out what to do next. Or what not to do.

Every reparTEE is a micro-story that is an invitation to start a conversation.

There’s a good chance one of your micro-stories is in one of the collections below. What are you waiting for? Go ahead! Go find your self!

Your pen pal,
Repar T

dodging dystopia

From climate catastrophes to raging pandemics, from mutually assured destruction to rising oceans, from water and food shortages to raging wildfires and freakish flooding, from debilitating heat domes to the proliferation of plastic pollution, the list of potentially dismal futures is depressingly long and this is just the tip of the last iceberg as the oceans cease to circulate. What can you do? Put on a repaTEE and make sure you're not in the way. Once you figure out what that really means, you'll think of something to do.

Your pen pal,

Repar T

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