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Every reparTEE is a micro-story gives you a glimpse into the inner life of someone who feels vulnerable and is searching for a way to make sense of life.

Every reparTEE is a micro-story that personifies some essential aspect of what it means to be human in these times. You will embrace some and reject others.

Every reparTEE is a micro-story with a plot already in motion, moved forward by an individual who is in the middle of figuring out what to do next. Or what not to do.

Every reparTEE is a micro-story that is an invitation to start a conversation.

There’s a good chance one of your micro-stories is in one of the collections below. What are you waiting for? Go ahead! Go find your self!

Your pen pal,
Repar T

mirror moments

Eventually everything comes down to you being you because everyone else is already taken (hat tip to Oscar Wilde). When this happens you eventually have to start spending time alone with your self, and that's scary for some folks. When you find yourself alone with your self, it helps to be able to say the right things, so your self will like you. This collection of reparTEES is all the things your self likes to hear (and read!). When you're alone, just walk over to a mirror and you've instantly got some good company. To get things started, all you have to do is read what's on that chest in the mirror right out loud, and then look into your eyes looking into your eyes, and let yourself know you really mean it. There's magic in mirror moments. Don't pass 'em up. Make sure you have at least one of these reparTEES on hand... just in case you get left alone with your self.

Your pen pal,
Repar T

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